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2015-16 Scholarship UpdateHello students.  This has been the most challenging of years for a number of reasons, but after a lengthy delay, we are prepared to announce the finalists for the 2015-16 SSF scholarship program.  Please see the list below and to the right of this message.  Our final reading team will be reviewing the finalists' applications over Winter Break and we should be posting the winners to the site in January.  Here's the other change to standard operating procedure, based on this year's incredibly competitive class.  After reviewing hundreds of applications, we determined the first round cutoff of 56 applicants still eligible for a scholarship award.  That is more than double the year prior.  As such, we wil be awarding four scholarships with a reduced amount of $250/scholarship.  Each scholar will still be listed on our site as a sIlver Scholar.  Please stay tuned for updates as they come in.  Thank you again for your incredible patience; it is most appreciated.  Happy holidays to you and yours,

-Rob Schwartz, Founder & President, SSF 

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The Schwartz Scholarship Fund's (SSF’s) mission is twofold: to provide cash scholarships to high-achieving high school students who have a demonstrated financial need and to provide internship opportunities with a real world learning-and-doing environment for motivated high school students wishing to learn more about themselves and their interests.  

Scholarship Goals: The SSF cash scholarship aims to serve junior and senior high school students who are legal California residents, who have a family income of less than $150,000, and who have at least a 3.25 cumulative GPA in high school.  The SSF also raises money for the scholarship fund through partnerships with the local community, as well as through management and student intern driven fundraising events.  For more information, please visit our Scholarship page. 

Internship Goals: Student interns, while serving the SSF community, will gain perspective and knowledge about particular college majors/careers they have an interest in further exploring. Above all, the SSF hopes to provide a positive learning environment while creating fulfilling and engaging life experiences for its interns.  For more information, please visit our Internship page.  

The SSF encounters many great students on a regular basis. We hope to differentiate those students based on their desire to make the world a better place by attending college and learning more about their world and their ability to affect its future. 

With the national student aid debt now eclipsing $1,200,000,000,000 (that's 1.2 trillion), surpassing even the national credit card debt in 2012, something has to be done to address the ability for hard-working students to get an affordable education.  Too many students are entering college only to face overcrowded classes, taking five to six years to graduate, and leaving with their degree and an outstanding amount of debt that financially buries them even before they get their professional lives underway.  As a result, the SSF feels an obligation to start somewhere and to help whenever and wherever we can.

100% of all monies received through fundraising and donations go right back into scholarships or fundraising efforts to generate scholarships.  Our Board of Directors receives no compensation for their tireless work. 

Each year SSF interns are given an opportunity to run their own fundraising events, along with our organization's main fundraisers. It is through the SSF fundraising events that the SSF is able to maintain the scholarship fund and assist students in achieving their academic goals.  We certainly appreciate community and individual support in any and all of these efforts.  Please visit our upcoming events and sponsorship pages for more information on how you can forward our cause. 

This is the start of our effort...what can you do to help? 

Applications for both our scholarship and internship programs are available on our applications page. 

Thank you for visiting the SSF; as Mel Brooks once proudly said, "may the Schwartz be with you!"

-Rob Schwartz




“I was introduced to the SSF organization by my counselor. I was absolutely stunned by this opportunity…It’s an amazing program, enabling people of different entrepreneurial skills and interests to plan, fundraise, communicate and implement.”

- Shivani Shikha, SSF Inaugural Intern


2016 Scholarship Finalists

Congratulations go out to the following sixteen (16) students who have been selected as SSF Scholarship Finalists for the 2016 Schwartz Scholarship Fund (listed in alphabetical order):  Alix Byrd, Jesus Cervantes, Celena Chen, Jennifer Chen, Gianfranco Felice, Joy Hsu, Sean Jannay, Alexander Katrechko, Sara Kemp, Jessica Lopez, Emily Lundberg, Nanette Park, Alyson Penrose, Victoria Royal, Peter Tang & Cindy Won. 

This year, four (4) Silver Scholar Award winners will be selected from the list of finalists.  Each selected winner receive a $250 Scholarship, paid directly to them for use in any scholastic capacity they see fit.

Thank you to all 534 applicants who applied for our scholarships during the 2015-16 application window!